Thursday, May 10, 2007


Not exactly the kind you do whilst swimming, but thought I'd show you my little alpaca named "Splash". I bought him from a friend of a friend a couple of weeks ago, shortly after the lambs (which he is absolutely smitten with).

Splash is a last year baby & about 10 months old. His colouring (although he looks brown in the picture) is mahogany. The sun bleaches their fleece (as it does with sheep) so the colour on top is not the true colour of their fleece. His actually has a purple tinge to it & is quite lovely. Splash will be sheared this year, but the lambs will likely wait until next Spring.

*picture by my friend Lynne Holtrust; photographer*

He is a wonderful addition to what is growing into a small fibre hobby farm. Although not broke to the halter yet, he has a nice personality & will accept hugs from Joseph & I (as if he had a choice with me around, lol). Anyway, full story at "The Funky Lamb" once again.

Peace out, Boop

Monday, May 07, 2007

Castle Critter Additions

A couple of weeks ago I bought my 1st 2 lambs off of a spinning friend. Luna is a Romney X & Blizzy is a Dorset/Charlet. Both have wonderful dispositions & are well-liked by all of the other Castle Critters.

Luna is above sporting the red collar & Blizzy is below wearing the green one. For the full story as the how, when, where & why, please go to "The Funky Lamb" where I discuss everything that has to do with my fibre biz in full detail.
Peace out, Boop