Wednesday, November 29, 2006

B-Day Prezzies

So last week was my B-Day. This proved to be a good one in that I was spoiled rotten. I was taken to the Casino the day before & out to lunch with my inlaws (Teddy's in Oshawa). They also gave me a ton of X-Mas ornaments & a big blow Santa for the house.

The actual day was spent with hubby & the kids. Hubby took me out for Mexican food (my fav.) at Mexicali Rosa's (sister co. of Hernando's Hideaway in T.O.). They even treated me to deep fried ice-cream on the house (highly recommended).

The celebrations cont'd most of the week & ended today with our monthly CQ'teer meeting. The girls brought 2 cakes. One was "death by chocolate" that Irene made form MA's recipe & the other was the PC Decadent truffle cake that MA brought. These were absolutely amazing. Total orgasmic experience (not to be underestimated).

Sue gave me a note pad to which she had stamped & a sock monkey ATC. The whole sock monkey fetish stems from a childhood love for them & a grandmother who made many, but favoured my sistered & therefore I never got one. MA had told Sue that she was making me a pair & so Sue made the ATC to go along with the theme.

MA made the wonderful pair of sock monkeys to which I so love. Irene gave me a really nice silver cow brooch; I tend to call everyone a "cow" which I assure them is a term of endearment although they're sceptical. LOL.

Hubby & the kids gave me a totally rad red retro bagel toaster & the limited edition U2 iPod! U2 has been my fav. rock band since I was 15 so lets just say that we go way back (over 2o yrs. in case you're curious). It has computer etched autographs on the back along with live vidoes that came as an added bonus from the iTunes site.

I was so thrilled with everything that was given & done for me. It was such a nice thing to feel so special & I truly want to thank everyone.

Peace out, Boop

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Grinch

"The Grinch" is absolutely my fav. animated Christmas movie. I look forward to watching it (at least twice) each year.

Last year (& the one previous), I noticed that one of the stores had this really cool blow-up Grinch. I had missed out the year before, but managed to score 1 of 2 left last year during the Boxing Day sales. This thing measures 7ft in length & I just love it.

Samantha helped me put it up along with the outdoor lights today. I was so proud that we did so without Mark (who will see our efforts late tonight when he gets home from work). Aside from the slue of profanities which escaped me during this endeavour (Sam managed to close my fingers in the ladder while spotting me) & the profuse apologies that followed, it went rather well.

Tonight , after dark, the kids & I went outside to bask in our success & capture some blog shots. Trust me, we don't lead exciting lives & rather than blog about everything else we did
do today (cleaning bathrooms & other mundane chores), I thought I'd save you all the excitement.

Peace out, Boop

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Last Knit

Although all you obsessive knitters out there will be especially amused by this clip, I still think everyone else will enjoy it.
This is absolutely genius (from an animation junkie's point of view of course). Enjoy.
Peace out, Boop

Monday, November 06, 2006

Welcome one & all

This is what the new blog will look like. Blogger is in the midst of changing things over to a Google/Blogger site. Apparently, they're very close to completion & once done the old blog will be transferred over to this one. In the mean time some of us are trying out the Beta version to see what things will look like & to help get all of the bugs out.

I must admit that I like the new additions, especially the new element options. I know we're all pretty resistant to change, but I really think this is going to be for the better. So, make sure you bookmark the new site because I hope to have it all changed over shortly.

Happy knitting, quilting & creating.
Peace out, Boop