Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas CQ'teers

We should probably rename ourselves the "Chocolateers" since I think there's more chocolate ate than CQ's made, lol.

Pictured above is Irene's pair of $100- socks. Now I must explain, they didn't start out as $100-. The problem arose when Irene bought a nice ball of "real" sock wool & a great bunch of wood dpn's for her project. Tools in hand, Irene took a sock knitting course from the local yarn shop.

Upon getting home Mini, followed by Micro (Irene's 2 Shitzu's) were put into high fibre alert. Mini by nature (hey she's a gal) realized the quality of said fibres & needles, & took it upon herself to seize an unattended moment. She & Micro undid said started sock & chewed said lovely needles. Back to the yarn shop Irene went to replace her tools.

We've lost track of all the times Irene had to redo her socks & replace her supplies. I honestly can't believe that Mini & Micro survived it either, lol. The fact is that they're finally done & we have proof.
This is a pic. of our Christmas ATC swap. The gals did lovely work as usual.

Peace out, Boop


Anonymous said...

OK Boop - I've seen the knobby feet a few times now - what's next?

Magpie's Mumblings said...

But they're such NICE knobby feet and after all, how many times do we see feet covered in $100 socks!