Saturday, December 02, 2006

CQ'teer stuff: 1930's ATC's & decoupage plate

Well, as I mentioned earlier, Wed. was our monthly CQ'teer meeting. Every month we exchange ATC's & this month's theme was the 1930's. I just love how we all interpret things so differently.

This plate is what we made at our meeting. MA had taken a course (on my B-Day in fact to which I only forgive her 'cause well, she's my Sis) a couple of weeks ago. She decided to teach us all what she had learned which was how to make this grand plate.

It's quite nice actually & is very easy to do. You just have to make absolute sure not to touch the plate in the process, lol; we used a cup to place our work on.

1st place some podge on the plate, then the material carefully down on the plate, let set for a few mins. & then carefully (moving from the centre out) use a foam brush to remove any bubbles as you're flattening down the material. Let dry for a bit then carefully trim the excess fabric around the plate's edge. Then add a second coat & let that dry over night.

The plate is great for festive goodies or to place a center piece on, but can't go in the dishwasher; simply wash the top with hot water & dry.Nice, quick little project if you need a hostess gift too.

Peace out, Boop

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