Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Blogiversary to Me!!

Yup, Feb.2nd, 1 year of doing this crazy blog. It has been quite rewarding for the most part. An opportunity to share & be heard.

If I could change anything though, it would be to get everyone to leave comments. Not that I need validation because that's not it. It's more a curiosity thing: to see what others found interesting, helpful, entertaining, useful, etc. Does anyone actually use or look at the links I put on the sidebar?? Does anyone go to the sites or how-to's that I've linked in the blog entry itself?? Has anyone checked out the pictures on Flicker (the funny flashing box on the right side)?? These are all items that take time to put into the blog template itself, but are they of any use?? These are the types of things that bloggers want to know.

How to make a comment: it's quite easy actually. After the blog entry, you will see the word "comment". You just click on that. Then a pop-up box will open showing any previous comments (if there are any) & show a box for you to enter your message. Below that it will ask you to sign in (if you have a google or blog acct) or just leave anonymous. If you're using the anonymous option, you can add who it's from in the body of the message itself. It will then ask you to type in some letters (or numbers) as they appear in the box. This is called "word verification". This isn't some scam to track down your identity, it's so that one doesn't get automatic computer generated comments that can sometimes be inappropriate. So, this is for safety issues, nothing more.

I hope you have enjoyed the past year. I will continue to blog about knitting, crochet, spinning, geocaching (in the good weather), animals, art dolls, polymer clay, altered art, CQ & anything else that strikes my fancy.

Have a great day & we'll talk to you all soon. Peace out, Boop

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I find your blog very interesting and often check out the sites on the side. Your photography is excellent and your entries are quite funny. Keep up the good work.