Friday, March 02, 2007

Shake your booties

So, my high school friend of many years just had her 1st child. My own kids are 11 & 8 so she was a bit of a late starter. In fact, she's 36 (aka Hockey Sioux). Her new son Liam is a sweetie, but I'm honestly happy it's her & not me. I cannot imagine starting a family at this point in my life. I guess you could argue both sides as she chose to do her traveling & such first, but I'm tired just thinking about it.
Mom & I sent a bunch of stuff, but I decided that booties were in order. (I mean, who can resist booties?) I would have made them into skates if not for the danger factor, but these would have to suffice.

The pattern itself was different than other bootie patterns I've done. It was easy to follow & such, but different it was. Started at the back of the heel to the toe, then the top of the foot & then the ribbed cuff. Once it's done however, it really does become a bootie, lol.

The pattern is from a book by Zoe Mellor called "adorable knits for tots". There isn't one pattern in this book that I wouldn't consider knitting. Great pictures, well written instructions, modern children knits. Absolutely my fav. kid's knit book for sure & I know I'll get my use out of it.

Also, since the weather was so crappy here today, I thought I'd send you all a nice big cyber mug of Betty Boop's pink hot chocolate. Enjoy.

Peace out, Boop

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