Thursday, February 22, 2007

Felt this; no fulling.

I've never been overly interested in felting until I decided to make my friend a felted crochet case for Christmas. We had been looking over web sites in the Fall during one of our sew days & came across this great free pattern from Berroco called Kluster.

Of course you have to start by using 100% wool. There are other fibres that will felt, but I'm not going into that now. Also, there's disagreement on what the process is actually called.

According to: Llamapaedia's Fiber Glossary

Fulling -- A finishing process in which the woven or knitted cloth is subjected to moisture, heat and friction causing it to shrink considerably in both directions and become compact and solid. In heavily fulled fabrics both the weave and the yarn are obscured, thus giving the appearance of felt.

Felting -- An ancient technique that produces a non woven sheet of matted material which is most frequently made from wool, hair or fur created by the entanglement of a mass of fibers that takes place when heat, moisture and pressure are combined.

I pretty much made the pattern as it was except that I made it an extra inch in length & 1/2" in width. Sure wish I had taken pics of it after it was done, but thankfully MA took some of it in use (open & closed) so I could copy them. I have got to remember to take the finished project pics before I send them off; sigh.
Anyway, the Berroco site also has a free pattern for a felted knitting needle case (or should I say fulled, lol) called Kable.

Now on to finish the famous fulled clogs; more about that later.
Peace out, Boop


Anonymous said...

The case looks awesome. What a novel idea - felting. You are a multi talented gal.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Glad you figured out how to get the pics to your blog! I certainly couldn't get them to you any other way. Must admit my case looks pretty cool, doesn't it.

Lana said...

It looks great. I love Patons Classic Merino. I use it for felting too. I used this exact color (royal purple) for my French Market Bag (from knitty) LOL!