Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Been Hacked

No pics this post 'cause well, it just wouldn't be appropriate. Yesterday I received a message from a confused & worried mother (my own) wondering if I had checked the comments section on my own personal web site (not this blog). Most wouldn't check the link, but it is under the "home base" tab on the blog's right hand side.

Needless to say, upon following my own link, & checking out the comments on the knitting poll & site, I was disturbed to find out that I had been hacked (badly). Fortunately we have word moderation on the Blog (& this is the very reason we do), but the web site itself does not.

There were a total of 39 comments (20 for the poll & 19 for the site in general) describing (in albeit way too much detail) ways to enhance, embrace, excite, etc. all of your body parts & those of anybody else in your life for that matter.

It wouldn't even allow me to sign in & admin the site until I went to my actual web host & cleared the data from there. Once deleted though, it only took a few hours until they were right back at it. The only thing I could find out about the culprits (since their IP addy wasn't real) was that they were Chinese & most likely doing this from overseas. Although I'm sure this would attract a new & different sort of client base, I decided it was best to take the official site off-line for the time being.

The blog itself appears to be fine. If you're one of those who would like to comment, but just doesn't want to go through the word verification process, I apologize, but for now this is definitely something that I won't change; obviously it's needed, lol.

Peace out, Boop


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you have the problem straightened out. It is mind boggling to learn that nothing seems safe from perverted individuals. It is especially troublesome when it is your own daughter- once a Mom, always a Mom.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

ARGH. Blogger is back at it's tricks again.......
Try # 2
Thanks for the heads up...I will have to check on my web site and see what's happening there. Who knows what could be going on when I haven't been there in over a year!!