Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"The Cure" & other stuff

This is a pillow that I designed & made last month for a dear friend who is going through breast cancer. I am happy to say, she is going to beat this thing. We are all still sending her our thoughts & prayers (because the rest of the treatment is upcoming), but we're all very optimistic & like "The Harlot" would confirm: "never underestimate the power of knitters"(especially when they're on your side).
The basic idea came from a book called Creative Kindness by Nancy Zieman with Gail Brown. The shape had been thought of by a nurse who realized how perfectly this would fit under the arm & add support to the areas where it was needed most.

I got our machine knitting group to sign pieces of cotton (with a pigma pen) so I could heat set them & sew them on the back as a reminder to the recipient of how much we all cared.

This scarf project came from the same machine knitting group (I believe that it was Shirley that did program that month). It is done on the LK150 with sports weight yarn; tuck stitch butterfly pattern.
Well, hope this is good enough for now. I have a couple of big blog entries coming up on spinning. Until then:

Peace out, Boop


Magpie's Mumblings said...

like the pillow! Haven't seen the book tho.

Anonymous said...

The pillow is beautiful, especially when one sees it in reality. What an interesting scarf.