Sunday, June 03, 2007

Who Knew

Since we've been busy the past few weeks putting up fencing for the lambs & alpaca, I decided to ask Mark how to use the lawn tractor. We were building the fence together (all 400ft of it) but he was digging the 25 post holes (by hand) himself. I was feeling badly for not being able to help with the digging so I thought perhaps he could show me how to use the tractor. He had his doubts, but showed me anyway.

I must say that I've never had so much fun. It was like horseback riding, but with control. The tractor has 7 speeds. Mark suggested I start at 2 & perhaps move it to 3 or 4 when I was feeling more confident. Our property is also hilly (quite hilly actually). Anyway, I decided to see what the 7th gear was like. OMG, the tractor took off like a bat out of h#ll. I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee myself & all I could say as Mark watched me fly across the yard was "eeeehaww", lol.

Mark usually does the lawns over 2 days, but I stayed on that sucker until it was done! Needless to say, Mark had trouble getting me off the thing & dinner was late that night.

Not sure why he complained so about cutting the lawn as I found it quite therapeutic. Women just don't get a lot of "me" time where as with this you can sit there driving aimlessly around thinking & completely alone. Gosh, I can't even use the bathroom without one of the kids or animals barging in to see what I'm doing, but this lawn cutting thing was bliss. I didn't even care about the freshly cut grass allergy that I have because with the hat & sunglasses nobody could my watery eyes; next time I'll take the allergy pill before I start the cutting.

Peace out, Boop

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