Monday, June 04, 2007

Is that a pig on your lap?

Why yes it is & I'm happy to see you, lol. This is what I go through when trying to knit at night. The pic isn't perfect, but hubby took it; nuf said. Daffodil (my pot belly puzzle pig) is on my lap. The other black & white blob behind my neck is my Jack Russell "Pudgy".
I am working on a pair of Monkey socks which are almost done & I will post about later. I have also finished a Moebius wrap. This was a dead easy free pattern from a Bernat yarn label.
Isabelle (my mannequin of 20 years) is modeling the wrap. It took 3 x 50g balls of Bernats "Lux effects"; very fast & uncomplicated. I did however, cast on 40 stitches rather than the suggested 30 because I wanted it to come down my arm further. I didn't think the 30 would cut it and I'm really glad that I added the extra 10. I used the "tan effects" colourway.
I did try to find the link to the free pattern on the Bernat site, but the yarn has been discont'd of course. Here's the pattern anyway:

Moebius Wrap
-one size
-40" x 14"
-10mm (US 15) needles
-bernat lux effects 3 x 50g balls
guage: 8 sts. & 9 rows= 4" stocking st.

Cast on: 30 sts.
Row 1: (RS) K2. *P2.K2. Rep. from * to end of row.
Row2: (WS) P2. *K2.P2. Rep. from * to end of row.

Rep. last 2 rows until work from beg. measures 40" ending with RS facing for next row. Cast off in pattern.

Finishing: twist work once lengthwise. Sew cast on & cast off edges tog. keeping the twist to achieve the moebius shape.

Enjoy. Peace out, Boop

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Leoal said...

Hey I was trying to find a link to the Bernat Lux Effects yarn for my blog and this is pretty much the only thing that came up. What's wierd is that you posted this on my birthday.

Funny coincidence!